Invasion is now Intravelr

Published 21st October 2022

Hey everyone! 

Today marks an extremely exciting day for all of us at Invasion and Intrax.

When two like-minded companies come together for the greater good, we wanted to showcase our new combined adventure and journey together.

So… together, as Invasion and Intrax, we have officially launched Intravelr! 

Intravelr is now the home and umbrella brand for all of our exciting Camp brands, like Camp Thailand, Camp Bali, Camp Maldives, Camp South Africa & more!

Specialising in providing unforgettable experiences for the youth travel generation, we have a new, state-of-the-art website that is going to make travelling even easier than ever before.

Intravelr’s core mission is to create life-changing experiences and cultural exchange opportunities. We offer a range of enriching experiences that have a focus on sustainability, travelling with care, and giving back to the communities we visit. Above all, it’s about making a positive impact on everyone involved.

Why “Intravelr”?
A special feature of this brand is how it adapts and marries the “in” of both Invasion and Intrax collectively and thus a name created which perfectly reflects both companies’ core mission to create life-changing experiences and cultural exchange opportunities around the globe.

The 4 Pillars of Intravelr

Intravelr encompasses the ethos of both companies which has resulted in the creation of four key pillars.


Travel and fun will go hand in hand at Intravelr, with laughter being a crucial part of the Intravelr experience.

We don’t just provide travel, we create experiences that are enriching, cultural AND fun – just ask our experienced reps, customers and partners.


Our programmes bring together like-minded people within the Intravelr community in order to create a sense of belonging. 80% of our customers from brands within our own community are solo travellers when they first join, and they then make friends for life at Camp. 


Cultural exchange is at the heart of Intravelr. Not only do our programmes offer the opportunity to experience authentic cultures, we also offer the opportunity for individuals and groups to give back through our volunteering programmes. We encourage participants to fully immerse themselves into the local culture on their trips – from cycling through the ancient ruins of Thailand to the breathtaking Gates of Heaven in Bali.

Our programmes are designed by travel experts to really allow people to immerse themselves in their local settings, creating life-lasting memories and a fondness that brings the world closer together through the true understanding of others. 


Planting trees, working with animals, teaching English, and restoring beaches; our volunteering opportunities are vast and we want as many people as possible to get involved in our community projects.

The positive impact you make with Intravelr is sure to change the lives of others and your own! 

With Intravelr you can specifically; teach English in schools, care for elephants and turtles, plant trees, restore beaches, and so much more.


All of our programmes offer an experience like no other, something that is beyond travelling. 

The impact you make through these programmes stay with you and those that you positively interact with. 

With this incredible news in mind, we just wanted to thank all of our loyal customers, partners and our team, as we welcome you all collectively into the Intravelr family.

Together we will change thousands more lives for the better through truly life changing experiences. It’s time to… Find Your Adventure.

The Intravelr Team.

Find Your Adventure